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Internet Safety Information

You can find our E-safety policy on the Our School menu under Policies & Key Documents.

Child friendly search engines

Children should only be using child friendly search engines (some examples are listed below) to ensure that they do not have access to inappropriate material.

Other child friendly websites and sources of information regarding e-safety are listed below.






Advice for Mobile Phones and messenger apps

Only give your mobile number to your friends and people that you trust.

Don’t share it on social networking websites.

Don't lend your phone to someone you don't know or trust, or put it in a place where other people could get hold of it.

Lock your phone with a PIN code so if anyone steals your phone they won't be able to use it.

If you have Bluetooth on your phone, keep this switched off when you are not using it.

If your mobile phones uses GPS technology then make sure you only share your location with trusted friends and family

Always check your privacy settings on applications you use on your mobile phone as sometimes these will be different to when you use websites online

Always remember that once you’ve sent a text, picture or video (even to someone you know or trust) they can send it to other people without you knowing, so always think before you post

If something happens on your mobile phone that makes you feel worried or uncomfortable then always speak to an adult you trust straight away.

Tik Tok Advice

This is fast becoming the go to app for children of all ages and parents should be aware that it not suitable for children of all ages.

Please click here for a parents ultimate guide to Tik Tok.