The Singing Children of Africa Visit PPS!

Today we had some very special visitors to our school which has brought the warmth of the Kenyan landscape to an autumn day in Portishead. The choir of children from a small school in a village in rural Kenya came to see us.

Children from the choir are chosen from the school in Joluarabi and tour the UK raising funds to support their education back in Kenya. It is a wonderful project and we feel very lucky that Mrs Marriott (one of our parents) and her children have managed to arrange this visit for the second time.

Members of the choir performed in a whole-school assembly and our children sang a traditional African song that we have been learning to welcome them.

This afternoon after lunch children from across the LSP will be singing together at Gordano School. Our Year 5 classes are taking part in this.

Tonight the choir are singing at a fundraising performance in Gordano School Hall.

We will be holding a fund raising non-uniform day on Friday the 11th of October to raise funds for the school. We have also donated some books that will be going back to Kenya with the children.

It was a very special morning with the choir members talking part in classes this morning and staying for a school lunch. If you would like to know more about the charity or make a donation please click the link below.

Click here for more information about the charity Educate The Kids. You can make your own donation to the charity if you wish.

The children from the choir were fantastic today. Our values of the term are: I am Humble. I show Confidence. I value Pride. 3 phrases that sum up these very special children.