Year 2 - Seahorse & Penguin




Y2 Jackson Pollock artwork (109 images)

To mark the beginning of our new topic 'Let's Get Messy' we studied the artwork of Jackson Pollock and then created our own giant canvas in his unique style of painting. We also made delicious fruit smoothies.

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Y2 Castles Wow Day (83 images)

To mark the end of our topic 'Towers, Tunnels and Turrets' we baked jam tarts and designed our own coats of arms. Take a look!

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Y2 Sandcastles (96 images)

As part of our English work on instructional writing we had fun building sandcastles. Then after talking about the best way to build sandcastles we wrote a set of instructions.

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Y2 Dance Festival (38 images)

Here we are practising for the North Somerset Dance Festival, which was held at the Weston Playhouse.

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Y2 Christmas Cookies (56 images)

To celebrate the festive period we baked our own Christmas cookies. We had to follow a set of instructions and use weighing scales to weigh out the necessary ingredients. Once our cookies had cooled we enjoyed decorating them. We had even more fun eating them though!

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Y2 Pirate Ship Investigation (46 images)

We designed and constructed our own pirate ships with the aim of making a boat that could float on water. Have a look at how we got on!

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Y2 Pirate Wow Day 2018 (61 images)

Year 2 enjoyed a swashbuckling day. We dressed up as pirates as part of our 'Land Ahoy' topic and completed our own treasure hunt. The highlight of the day was a visit from local author Ali Smith who read some of the books from her Captain O series before answering questions about her career as an author.

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Y2 Anti-Bullying Week (13 images)

To celebrate Anti-Bullying Week 2018 we received a visit from Unique Voice to discuss our feelings, golden rules for treating others and who we can speak to if we feel we are being bullied or suspect someone else is being bullied. At the end of the week we decorated our classmates' t-shirts by writing compliments on them.

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Y2 trip to Bristol Hippodrome (6 images)

As part of our Land Ahoy topic, and to gain some inspiration ahead of our own upcoming production, we went to the Bristol Hippodrome to watch Madagascar the Musical. We thoroughly enjoyed the show and at the end we got the chance to 'move it, move it' ourselves.

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Y2 Madagascar talk from the Wild Place (49 images)

Year 2 were lucky enough to receive a visit from staff at the Wild Place. We found out about the wildlife in Madagascar, the landscape and how deforestation is threatening the existence of the lemur. We also got to meet one of the island's residents...a Madagascan cockroach!

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Year 2 Place Value (42 images)

Year 2 showed their excellent understanding of place value by using a range of resources to represent the amount of tens and ones in a variety of two-digit numbers. Take a look.

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